Penwith Pop-up Moot

 Are the Michael Line & Michael-Mary currents
physical or etheric phenomena?

Three days activity             Sat 28 - Mon 30 March 2020

Join for some or all days             Organiser - Pat Toms

Join a group in Penwith to investigate subtle lines and currents associated with standing stones and stone rings using our innate intuitive sense of place and form. Meet in Penzance each day for different activities, sharing cars for travel. You are welcomed to participate for some or all days.

What are straight and serpentine currents in the landscape? Are the Michael Line & Michael-Mary currents physical or etheric phenomena? Are they energetic physical phenomenon or are they manifest intuitively by the mind? This event considers them in an etheric context in contrast to an energetic one - see the article in Meyn Mamvro issue 99,.

Visit Carn Lês Boel, Gurnard & Zennor Headlands to investigate what may underlie the experience of straight and serpentine currents; visit standing stones and stone rings to consider their alignments and layouts and what this may contribute to ritual purpose; consider the layout of ritual places in a traditional church and its similarity to that of ancient built forms.

Consider how an innate intuitive sense of place and form can manifest etheric fields of form, as thought forms, experience their subtle influences and disposition as geometric entities in measures. Consider etheric influences that arise with intuitive association with form, rather than physical energetic effects. The word energy, as in earth energy dowsing, often connotes an electromagnetic context. Confusingly,  the term is often used to include all sorts of influences. There are detectable physical electromagnetic landscape phenomena, but what are the currents? Consider their possible manifestation through intuitive, mindful, association with the form of things.

An etheric 'of the mind' field of form is quite different to an energetic electromagnetic field. The physical presence of an e/m field can be experienced as affects on electromagnetic processes in the body and it can be detected using measuring devices. The geometric form of an electromagnetic field, for instance the field around a street transformer, can also be experienced etherically through intuitive association with its form, most obviously its centre line.

The mind can associate the form of things together, in particular a
protruding standing stone and intrusive geological fissures beneath.
Associate these polar features and manifest an etheric point.
Associate intuitively with the etheric point to manifest a field of form
having rays, rings and spirals. Rays are manifest through
association with another point, maybe the earth's north pole. More
rays can appear through e-resonance, in particular the twelve-fold
which appears to have been used to set out ancient built forms, the
Michael Line is at azimuth 60°. Rings appear on association with the
infinite plane. Associate rings and rays together and manifest spirals. Etheric points have been utilised to facilitate ritual since ancient times and still are at traditional altars and fonts. Ritual intention can change an etheric field.

A straight etheric line can be set up between topographical features, such as protrusions, hills, or intrusions such as a ravine, a cave or fissures. Consider how built forms such as standing stones or mounds placed over intrusive features can be used to accentuate a line manifest intuitively giving it an etheric permanence that may be sensed intuitively. So certain  places can be given significance by a community for etheric utilisation.

Activities and places  to visit:

It is intended to visit places to experience them using our intuitive sense of place; including the following, the sequence of activities depends on the weather:

Practice some basics of an intuitive etheric sense of place and form; experience fields of form intuitively as thought forms in relation to perceived forms. Consider  limitations of dowsing when understood to be 'finding hidden artefacts and entities' using yes / no questions.

Investigate Carn Lês Boel headland where the Michael Line starts: sense the standing stones in relation to the topography and geology.

Visit Zennor Head and the Giant's Rock in relation to the Athena current. Investigate the layout of ritual places in Zennor Church and their similarity to ancient monuments. Visit Gurnard's Head and stones in relation to the Apollo line.

Visit stone rings and standing stones to consider their layout and alignments.  


Participants will arrange their own accommodation, maybe in Penzance youth hostel or a B&B.


Meet each day at 9.30am in Penzance, finishing at about 17.00pm. Bring warm clothing, boots, sandwiches and a flask & dowsing rod. It is intended to visit cafes.

Booking to join the group:

Please contact Pat Toms at or phone 0141 945 5401 and for more details; pay an administrative fee of £5 to the Society of Leyhunters, by Card or Pay-Pal, using the button below. Give an email address or contact info to receive details of meeting arrangements.

Administration fee