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The Society of Ley Hunters:
Ley lines.
Prehistoric landscape alignments.

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The Society was formed in 1999 amongst subscribers to The Ley Hunter, a bi-monthly magazine which had started up in 1962 along with the Ley Hunter Club. It in turn being successor to The Old Straight Track Club of 1925.

A newsletter, the Society’s journal, is published to members against a subscription covering four issues.

Generally two moots per year are organised, visiting locations of interest.

So what is a Ley?

The term was originally coined by Alfred Watkins to describe an alignment or direct linear connection between several places on the terrestrial landscape. It has now been expanded to cover a multiplicity of types of relationships.



Bury St. Edmonds Moot 2009 Photo Gallery:

Addington Moot, Kent 2006. Photo Gallery:

Isle of Lewis Moot, 2006. Photo Gallery: