On Saturday 27th September 2014 the 'Watkins Memorial Stone' was set in position at grid coordinates SO 53186 56161. Installation thanks to Gerald Frawley.

This was the functional installation and construction element of the project and the occasion when the stone is first placed into the ground. Contributors, Members and the public were invited at their own risk to witness this physical stage.

At the June Moot, after visiting the Alfred Watkins archive in Hereford Library on the Friday, the dedication and formal celebrations followed the AGM at Risbury Court Hop Kiln, and a walk from Risbury Camp to the Blackardine cross-roads site, on the Saturday. Further parts of the ley were visited on the Sunday. Jimmy Goddard covered the event by making a video entitled “The First Ley”, which is now available on YouTube via this link.

Plotted with Garmin MapSource

FOundation of the markstone to celebrate Alfred Watkins THE Unveiling Details