Friday 18th , Convention from 10am – 4pm  
With presentations from:

 Author and Publisher - Bob Trubshaw - The Queens of the Valleys
 Folklorist and Historian - Frank Earp - The Catstone Sacred Landscape
 International Author - Peter Knight - Pagan Symbolism and Christianity
 Leicestershire Archaeologist - Peter Liddle - Pre-Roman Leicestershire
  Corieltauvi Grove Herald - David Knight - Their Myths and Legends

At Attenborough Nature Centre & Reserve
Barton Lane, Attenborough, Nottingham, NG9 6DY

Nearest Hotel. (500 meters). The Village Urban Resort

Brailsford Way, Chilwell, Nott'm, NG9 6DL.

 Saturday 19th , Car sharing site visits: South West to Tamworth

Sunday 20th , Nottingham environs
 For Nottingham cave tours, email [email protected] tel 0115 988 1955
 Or why not visit Creswell Crags with it’s Palaeolithic cave drawings, just 22  miles north of Nottingham.

Autumn Gathering
18th, 19th, 20th September 2015

Visiting the landscape of the Corieltauvi