A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain and Ireland - Aubrey Burl £9.95

Written by the acknowledged authority on these monuments, the book describes over 400 sites and discusses the archaeology and architectural features of each ring. Burl tells the reader how to find a specific site and what to look for, considers problems of dating the remains, points out the interrelationships between widely separated sites, explains place names, and provides stories about legends, witchcraft and funerals associated with the rings. Fully illustrated, 276 pages. Paperback, Published by Yale Univ Pr, Publication date: June 1, 1995

"A superb guide to the stones of Great Britain and Brittany. Burl, an expert on the subject of stone circles, has created an essential and portable guide to all of the major sites in Great Britain and Brittany. The sites listed in the book are numbered and keyed to useful maps which offers visitors to a given area the opportunity to avoid missing anything of interest. Each site has a thorough description which often includes interpretations, a "condition code", and practical instructions as to how to find it. Also included is a good index and bibliography, and, for most sites, reference to published literature. This is not a book of photographs or site maps, although there are quite a few of each, especially for the better sites. Rather, this is an exceptional and really practical little guidebook, one anyone headed for the field will certainly want to carry along."

Stone circles of the British Isles - Aubrey Burl

The definifive reference work on British stone circles. If it isn't listed in here, it doesn't exist.

From Carnac to Callanish : The Prehistoric Stone Rows and Avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany - Aubrey Burl

As above, the definifive reference work on British & French stone rows. If it isn't listed in here, it doesn't exist.

Hardcover, Published by Yale Univ Pr, Publication date: December 1993

Stone circles: Aubrey Burl,

Weidenfield and Nicholson, 1997, you can't really go wrong with this full colour introduction to the stone circles of the British Isles. Written by the leading authority on the subject, Stone circles takes in all the usual suspects, Stonehenge, Avebury and Callanish, as well as a few less well-exposed examples, the Nine Stones of the Peak District, Machrie Moor XI on Arran and Lundin Farm, Perthshire to name but three. 

Sun, Moon and Stonehenge - Proof of high culture in ancient Britain: Robin Heath

Bluestone Press, An ambitious update of his earlier Key To Stonehenge, this is nothing lss than an attempt to reappraise neolithic culture through the study of the geometry and astronomical aspects of Stonehenge and other megalithic monuments. Neatly summarises the archaeoastronomical history of Stonehenge. Recommended.

A Key to Stonehenge - Robin Heath

Why were the blue stones taken from Wales to Stonehenge? What is the link between the blue stones and the sarsens? How could ancient Britons predict eclipses to the hour? How is Stonehenge connected to other ancient sites? What is the secret of the Station Stone rectangle? Why is Stonehenge sited exactly where it is? This book contains objective and scientifically based answers to all of these tantalising questions. Illustrated, 93 pages.

The Making of Stonehenge  - Rodney Castleden

'Beyond All Historical Recall', The First Stonehenge, Stonehenge Abandoned?, Stones from Afar: The Bluestone Enigma, Culmination: The Sarsen Monument, Stonehenge Completed: The Return of the Bluestones, The Meaning of Stonehenge, Stonehenge in Decline, The chronology of Stonehenge, The cost of building the Stonehenge complex, Radiocarbon dates, Large volcanic eruptions and Stonehenge: a possible connection?

Published by Routledge, Publication date: April 1, 1994,

Ancient Rock Carvings in Gt Britain and Ireland - C Mansell

The most ancient art in the British Isles was done about 4000 years ago and is found on stones in obscure places. the shapes and symbols have never been explained. In this exquisite book, lecturer and fine artist Chris Mansell, takes a new approach to this mysterious and little known subject. He suggests that rather than international symbolic art these forms may be relics from an earlier, more direct mode of human consciousness. Just looking at these shapes, he suggests, is enough. Wooden Books. Illustrated. Hardback.

Avebury - Evelyn Francis

Avebury is the largest set of stone circles in the world. The Avebury complex as a whole is the finest example of Neolithic building anywhere in Europe and this is the most aesthetic guidebook to this globally important sacred site. It includes most of the theories which abound around these places and shows fascinating maps of leys and solutions to the sacred geometry which the builders used. It also includes fine reproductions of many of the earliest engravings made of Avebury and Silbury Hill. Wooden Books. Illustrated. 53 pages.

Stonehenge : The Secret of the Solstice - by Terence Meaden

Published by Souvenir Pr Ltd, Publication date: October 1, 1997,

Stonehenge Complete - Christopher Chippindale

'Beyond All Historical Recall', The First Stonehenge, Stonehenge Abandoned?, Stones from Afar: The Bluestone Enigma, Culmination: The Sarsen Monument, Stonehenge Completed: The Return of the Bluestones, The Meaning of Stonehenge, Stonehenge in Decline, The chronology of Stonehenge, The cost of building the Stonehenge complex, Radiocarbon dates, Large volcanic eruptions and Stonehenge: a possible connection?

Published by Thames & Hudson, Publication date: June 1, 1994,

The Stonehenge People : An Exploration of Life in Neolithic Britain, 4700-2000 Bc - by Rodney Castleden

Reprint Edition, Paperback, 282 pages, Published by Routledge, Publication date: January 1, 1993,

Stonehenge Revealed - David Souden

Published by Facts on File, Publication date: November 1, 1997,

The latest archaeological methods provide fascinating insights into the perplexing history of Stonehenge. Over 200 striking full-color photographs reveal the collection of stones from various perspectives, allowing readers to sense the mysterious aura that surrounds this place. Maps and charts.

Understanding Stonehenge The Stonehenge Landscape Stonehenge and Prehistory The Making of the Megaliths The People of Stonehenge Ritual and the Heavens The Legacy of Stonehenge

Scotland Bc : An Introduction to the Prehistoric Houses, Tombs, Ceremonial Monuments, and Fortifications in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland - by Anna Ritchie

Paperback, Published by The Stationery Office, Publication date: June 1988

Standing Stones of Europe : A Guide to the Great Megalithic Monuments - Alastair Service, Jean Bradbery

Published by Trafalgar Square, Publication date: February 1997

The Stonehenge people - Rodney Castleden

An exploration of life in Neolithic Britain 4700-2000BC

The Stonehenge people - Aubrey Burl

A study of mortuary practices at the world's greatest stone circle

Stonehenge - RJC Atkinson

The standard text book by the man who dug it up.

Approach to Stonehenge, The Structure of Stonehenge, The Sequence of Construction, The Techniques of Construction, The Builders of Stonehenge, The Meaning of Stonehenge, Stonehenge and the History of Antiquarian Thought, : Recent Work on Stonehenge, The Chronology of Stonehenge and the Avenue

Reprint Edition, Paperback, Published by Penguin USA (Paper), Publication date: September 1, 1992,

Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain - by Euan Wallace MacKie

Hardcover, Published by St Martins Pr (Short), Publication date: June 1977

Stonehenge : A New Interpretation of Prehistoric Man and the Cosmos - John David North

Published by Free Pr, Publication date: November 1, 1997,

In a book that finally solves the riddle of Stonehenge [sic], scholar John North draws on more than 15 years of research to offer a masterful "case-closed" study in which he examines the monument from all available angles--archeological, astronomical, and spiritual--and considers relevant research from other prehistoric remains in Britain and Northern Europe.

Prehistoric Britain from the Air - by Janet Bord, Colin Bord, Jason Hawkes (Photographer)

A magnificent aerial survey of the relics of ancient Britain and a fascinating exploration of the mystery and legends surrounding them. Featuring 135 color photos. The landscape of Britain abounds in the haunting traces of prehistoric man: neolithic henges, Bronze Age stone circles, great hill forts of the Iron Age. Seen from the rare perspective offered in Jason Hawkes' dramatic aerial photographs, the sites and structures--from Stonehenge to the Uffington White Horse--take on new significance. Combing the archaeological records, Janet and Colin Bord decode the myths and legends of the ancient past; they also explain how each site was used, reconstructing the living patterns of early man. Jason Hawkes' many books include Country Houses from the Air, Britain from the Air, and Provence (with Peter Mayle). Janet and Colin Bord are the authors of Mysterious Britain, A Guide to Ancient Sites in Britain, and Earth Rites. 135 color photos, Hardcover, Published by Trafalgar Square, Publication date: February 1998

Megalithic Brittany - Aubrey Burl

A definitive guide to the Breton megalithic sites

A guide to the megaliths of Europe - Alastair Service and Jean Bradbery

Descriptions and explorations of old stone sites from Britain to Majorca and all points in between

Circles and standing stones - Evan Hadingham

Wide ranging exposition of megalithic monuments, rock art and ancient astronomy

The Significance of Monuments : On the Shaping of Human Experience in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe - Richard Bradley

Paperback, Published by Routledge, Publication date: April 1998< >Stanton Drew - Great western temple: Rodney Legg

Wincanton Press, 1998, Casual students of the stone circle might be surprised to learn that this is the first book ever published, dedicated solely to Britain's best kept megalithic secret. Stanton Drew, a site consisting of three stone circles, two avenues, a cove, a fallen outlier and a number of interesting alignments, possesses the largest stone circle in England after Avebury.

The Twelve Apostles stone circle, Ilkley Moor - its history, folklore and geomancy: Paul Bennett

Flyfot books, 1998, booklet, Locally based, small press, earth mysteries publishing is alive and well and living in Yorkshire. Veteran geomant and supertramp, Paul Bennet has been in and around earth mysteries for many years, pursuing his own non-partisan line of enquiry into the mysteries of our prehistoric past. Archaoastronomy, solar alignments, leys and the curious synchronicities of folklore all add up to a short but fascinating Fortean excursion around this lesser known stone circle. Available from the author at 15 Cliffe Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8BY.


Somewhat dry, but interesting report on the Silbury Hill excavations in the late sixties alongside some of the author's own research into two pallisaded structures that once straddled the Kennet river close to Silbury Hill.

Neolithic Britain - Joshua Pollard

Megalithic tombs and long barrows in Britain - Frances Lynch

Prehistoric henges - Aubrey Burl

Prehistoric astronomy - Aubrey Burl

New editions of the popular Shire series dealing with aspects of prehistory in a no-nonsense, straight down the line manner. Good starting points for all the subjects covered. Shire Publications Ltd., 1997,

Neolithic sites of Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire& Pembrokeshire - George Nash and George Children

The latest in a series of well written and detailed explorations and discussions of megalithic sites in the Welsh borderlands and Wales by the redoubtable George and George. ogaston Press, 1997,

Stonehenge: Mysteries of the stones and landscape - David Souden

Glossy and classy large format hardback giving a popular background and history of Stonehenge, the various interpretations, full colour photographs and diagrams and the latest on the English Heritage attempt to establish a Stonehenge Millennium Park. Collins and Brown, 1997,

Interpreting archaeology: Finding meaning in the past - Ed. Ian Hodder, Michael Shanks, Alexandra Alexandri, Victor Buchli, John Carman, Jonathan Last and Gavin Lucas Routledge, 1997,

A lengthy tour around the world of theoretical archaeology. This is what archaeologists do when they can't dig. An insight into the way archaeology is heading in the next millennium.


Stone circles of the Peak - John Barnatt

A guide book to the stone circles of th Peak District revealing the intimate relationship between prehistoric man and the landscape.

Prehistoric Avebury - Aubrey Burl

The standard work for the general reader on this famous megalithic complex

Reprint Edition, Paperback, Published by Yale Univ Pr , Publication date: June 1986,