A little history of astro-archacology - John Michell

A primer for anyone who marvels at the midsummer sunrise at Stonehenge and wonders what it's all about

Early man and the cosmos - Evan Hadingham

Explores the observations, myths and outlook of prehistoric skywatchers and of more recent 'primitive' astronomers who had little or no contact with our scientific traditions

Stonehenge decoded - Gerald S Hawkins

The ground-breaking book that turned Stonehenge from a pile of old stones into a megalithic computer

The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets : A Visual Key to the Heavens - by Geoffrey Cornelius, Paul Devereux

In this stunning guide--the first illustrated book of its kind--science, mysticism, and ancient beliefs intertwine to explore the conundrums of the cosmos. Drawing from astronomy, astrology, archaeology, and the occult, The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets delves into the celestial enigmas that have beguiled laypeople and scientists for centuries. 175 color photos. 70 color illustrations.

The Science of the Skies By Giles Sparrow

The Grand Design By Geoffrey Cornelius

Correspondences By Geoffrey Cornelius

Visual Directory: Sun, Moon and Planets By Geoffrey Cornelius

Visual Directory: Constellations By Geoffrey Cornelius

Sacred Alignments By Paul Devereux

Paperback, 176 pages, Published by Chronicle Books, Publication date: June 1, 1996.

Beyond Stonehenge - Gerald S Hawkins

Archaeoastronomy in South America and the Middle East by celebrated 'discoverer of Stonehenge eclipse predictor

The megalith builders - Euan Mackie

Megalithic architecture and astronomy and an argument for the introduction of megalithic science to the British Isles from abroad

Megalithic sites in Britain - A Thom

The book that introduced the Megafithic Yard and archaeoastronomy to the archaeological world. Reputed to be a heavy read

Megalithic science - Douglas C Heggie

Ancient mathematics and astronomy in north-west Europe

Science and society in prehistoric Britain - Euan Mackie

Post-Thom study of megalithic monument design and ancient astronomy

Sun, moon and standing stones - John Edwin Wood

Archaeoastronomy with much mathematical detail. Pretty definitive

The Boyne Valley vision - Martin Brennan

Innovative speculation as to the meaning behind prehistoric megalithic rock art of the Irish passage mounds of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth and its link with the sun and moon

The stars and the stones - Martin Brennan

Ancient art and astronomy in Ireland. A development of the earlier Boyne Valley vision drawing in other megalithic sites in Ireland

Megaliths, myths and men - Peter Lancaster Brown

An introduction to astro-archaeology (as it was formerly called )