The Stonehenge Solution : Sacred Marriage and the Goddess - George Terence Meaden

Published by Souvenir Pr Ltd, Publication date: October 1993

The Long Trip : A Prehistory of Psychedelia - Paul Devereux

A wide variety of psychedelics, primarily plants and mushrooms, have been used consistently by human societies for ritual purposes for centuries. This illuminating book presents a pioneering study of the uses of psychedelic drugs, from ancient times to the present.

Paperback, Published by Penguin USA (Paper), Publication date: August 1, 1997.

Earth Memory : Sacred Sites, Doorways into Earth's Mysteries - Paul Devereux

Paperback, 320 pages, Published by Llewellyn Publications, Publication date: May 1992,

Mythic Ireland - Michael Dames

A rich and multi-layered and visionary text on the mythology and sacred geograph of Ireland

Symbolic landscapes - Paul Devereux

The Dreamtime earth - mythologising the landscape with particular reference to the Avebury complex. Ground-breaking stuff

Feng shui - Ernest J Eitel

The science of sacred landscape in Old China. Reprint of 1873 text by a European missionary with commentary by John Michell

Earth harmony - Nigel Pennick

A sort of European feng shui for practical application

The Avebury cycle - Michael Dames

Visionary theory as to the function and use of ancient sites in the Avebury complex

Paperback, Published by Thames & Hudson, Publication date: June 1, 1996,

The ancient science of geomancy - Nigel Pennick

An early (1979) attempt to synthesise the sum total of earth mysteries knowledge at that time. helpful background

The heart of the world - Alan Ereira

A European's experience of a closed Central American tribal society and its living mythological worldview and traditions. Many insights into a living geomancy

Sacred geography of the ancient Greeks - Jean Richer

The spacial arrangements of Greek temples in a classical landscape. Translated by Christine Rhone from the author's original papers. Published in the US

At the centre of the world - John Michell

Polar symbolism discovered in Celtic, Norse and other ritualised landscapes

Earthmind : Communicating With the Living World of Gaia - Paul Devereux, John Steele, David Kubrin

Reprint Edition, Paperback, 235 pages, Published by Inner Traditions Intl Ltd, Publication date: May 1992,

Re-Visioning the Earth : A Guide to Opening the Healing Channels Between Mind and Nature - by Paul Devereux

In Re-visioning the Earth, Paul Devereux calls for an alteration of our perceptions of the world around us, an "ecopsychology" that will reestablish our harmony with the natural world. His explorations of such ancient arts as feng sui, herbal medicine, vision questing and lucid dreaming heighten awareness of our place on the planet. Photos and line drawings.

Introduction: A Context for the Earth as Healer: The Planet Without, the World Within, Centering: The Ancient Art of Being Here, Placing: Location and Dislocation: Knowing Our Place, Journeying: Healthy Outdoor Exercise for the Soul, Mapping: Move Over Mercator (Finding Our Way in the World), Dreaming: Soul-to-Soul with Anima Mundi

Paperback, 336 pages, Published by Fireside, Publication date: October 1, 1996,

Secrets of ancient and sacred places - Paul Devereux

20 world heritage sites - geomancy and sacred architecture

The Silbury treasure - Michael Dames

The great goddess rediscovered at Avebury

Chinese geomancy - Derek Waiters

Authoratative commentary on the ancient Chinese art of feng shui

Architecture - the natural and the man-made - Vincent Scully

The relationship between mankind and the natural environment expressed in sacred buildings

Winbaraku and the myth of the Jarapiri - CP Mountford

Australian aboriginal traditions and geomancy

The aborigine tradition - James G Cowan

Dreamtime, secret rites and rituals and the mythology of Australian aborigines

Chinese geomancy - an anthropological analysis - Stefan DR Feuchtwang

Originally a university dissertation. heavy going, but detail. not for the weekend-geomancer


Home produced exercise in the revival of 1970s style earth mysteries research. Lots of dowsing and sacred geometry.


Classic work on the symbolic sacred geometry and measurement of Stonehenge by earth mysteries veteran.