The stations of the sun - Ronald Hutton

A scholarly study of the ritual year in Britain from the surviving documentary evidence

In search of lost gods - Ralph Whitlock

A guide to British traditional customs. up until recently something of a standard reference for ley hunters

The middle kingdom - Dermot MacManus

The faerie world of Ireland. Fairy forts and fairy passes - an Irish geomancy

The pagan religions of the ancient British Isles - Ronald Hutton

An examination of the documentary evidence for a goddess-centred prehistoric religion with surprising conclusions. Also the first real attempt by academe to confront earth mysteries seriously

Lost Gods of Albion : The Chalk Hill-Figures of Britain - Paul Newman

224 pages, Published by Alan Sutton, Publication date: April 1998,

Pagan Celtic Britain - Anne Ross

A definitive text on Celtic religion in the context of archaeology and epigraphy

Listening People Speaking Earth - Graham Harvey

An engaging, broad-based introduction to the main trends of contemporary paganism, Grahan Harvey's book reveals the origins and practical aspects of Druidry, Witchcraft, Heathenism, Goddess Spirituality and Magic, Shamanism and Earth Mysteries, among others, dispelling the unfortunate equation of paganism with satanism. Making use of both traditional history and the movement's more imaginative sources, the book reveals how paganism - and its central focus on individual and social life - is evolving and how this "new religion" preceives and relates to more traditional ones. 250 pages.

Cities of Dreams-When Women Ruled the Earth - Stan Gooch

This is a work of breathtaking scope and originality. Yet Stan Gooch's reconstruction of the lost civilisation which preceded our own, and unlike other such attempts, is based at every turn on hard accepted archaeological fact - the extensive ochre mines of southern Africa, the bear skull altar of Drachenloch in Switzerland, the flower graves of Iraq. It is not just the case that we are not the first. It is the case, amazingly, that all ancient legends are true. The Minotaur did live at the centre of the maze, Sleeping Beauty did waken to the Knight's kiss, the fairy people did meet and dance in the moonlight and women once ruled the whole magical earth. 20 illus./photos,

Prehistoric Ritual and Religion - Alex Gibson (Editor), Derek Simpson (Editor)

Hardcover, 256 pages, Published by Alan Sutton, Publication date: April 1998,

Atlantis destroyed: Rodney Castleden

Routledge, 1998, h/b, To paraphrase Jaquetta Hawkes: Every generation gets the Atlantis it deserves. And in today's atmosphere of New Rationalism, it is appropriate that prehistorian Rodney Castleden should tackle the problem of the lost continent with a four-square, down to earth, efficiency, reflective of the times.

Field guide to the Pictish symbol stones: Alastair Mack

The Pinkfoot Press, 1997, The sculptured stones of Caithness Tim Blackie and Colin Macaulay The Pinkfoot Press, 1998.
Photographing carved stones: Tom E Gray and Lesley M Ferguson

The Pinkfoot Press, 1997, booklet, North-eastern Scotland hides a wealth of megalithic antiquities, but remains something of a well-kept secret. Not as popular a destination as its western cousin the antiquities of this part of Scotland don't usually feature on the megalithic tour circuit. However, with the publication of these (and other) splendid productions one might hope that the megalithomaniac might now be tempted to take the opportunity to delve into some of the relics of Scotland's prehistoric past.


Paperless bibliography that collects together a personal selection of folklore references on a geomantic theme. PC required to read it.


An overview of the origins of the mythology of dragons and dragon slaying.


Indispensible guide to the holy wells of Cornwall. Top heavy on a Goddess interpretation.

The landscape of Britain - Michael Reed

An historical overview of the evolution of the British landscape. Necessary background for any armchair geomancer.

Routledge, 1997 (first published 1990, h/b),