The old straight track - Alfred Watkins

The original and definitive book on leys

Lines on the landscape - Paul Devereux and Nigel Pennick

The best work to date on landscape lines and leys.

The ley hunter's companion - Paul Devereux and lan Thompson

A study of ancient aligned sites with field guide and maps. Out of print for years. See The new ley hunter's guide.

The new ley hunter's guide - Paul Devereux

A quick intoduction to ley hunting with a selection of English examples. A much reduced version of the original Ley hunter's companion.

Quicksilver heritage - Paul Screeton

One of the early books on leys and earth mysteries by a former editor of TLH. A little dated now but of socio-historical interest.

Lay lines in question - Torn Williamson and Liz Bellamy

The straight archaeologists' attempt to rubbish leys. Amusing in a strange sort of way. For masochists only.

The old stones of Land's End - John Michell

Landmark study of leys in Cornwall.

The geometrical arrangement of ancient sites - FC Tyler (1939)

A follower of Watkins realises that the old straight track argument fails down on close examination of the evidence. The forerunner of the landscape geometers.

Pathways to the gods - Tony Morrison

Landmark work on the Nazca fines and other South and Central American landscape lines which opened up ley hunting outside Britain.

The Celtic Way - A long distance walk through western Britain: Val Saunders-Evans

Sigma Leisure, 1998, p/b, £9.95 The fusion of interest in ancient sites and landscapes and a love of getting out into the country has resulted in the Celtic Way, the creation of a long distance footpath, pieced together from existing rights of way, that takes in most of the better known ancient sacred sites in the south west and Wales.

Walks in mysterious North Lakeland: Graham Dugdale

Sigma Leisure, 1998. Sigma continues its series of walking guides with this foray into the north Lakes. Well illustrated, with some fine hand-drawn maps it takes in ancient sites such as Shap and Castlerigg and weaves a tale or two with local history and folklore.


A useful tourist guide to the hidden and magical places of Lancashire.

Straight path, crooked road: Leys, spirit paths and shamanism - Alby Stone

Critical essay on the validity of the spirit line explanation for straight landscape lines. Were shamanic flight paths straight or crooked. Some evidence from the Old World, but little from the New. Heart of Albion, 1998.

Glasgow's secret geometry - Harry Bell

Watkinsian style ley hunting from north of the border. Some interesting observations and a weird binding

.Leyline Publications.


Ley Lines, the greatest landscape mystery - Danny Sullivan

Classic study of  ley hunting’s chequered history. Revised and updated 2004.

Alfred Watkins' Herefordshire by Ron and Jennifer Shoesmith.