Earth Spirit - Francis Hitching

For a while, the earth mystic's handbook. Written by TV producer of top 60s pop show Ready Steady Go!

Mysterious Britain - Janet and Colin Bord

Secret Country - Janet and Colin Bord

Earth Rites - Janet and Colin Bord

A triumvirate of classic 'word and picture' books on ancient and sacred sites all over Britain along with their folklore and legends

Dictionary of Earth Mysteries - Janet & Colin Bord

Paperback, Published by Thorsons Pub, Publication date: May 1, 1996,

Earth mysteries - Philip Heselton

Probably the best distilled history of the subject currently available in one book, by ex-editor of TLH

Earth memory - Paul Devereux

A serious attempt to sythesise the disparate strands of earth mysteries research into a coherent holistic discipline. Largely ignored by the punters.
A definitive book.

The view over Atlantis - John Michell

For many, the seminal book that started the earth mysteries movement. A rich tapestry of archaeology, Forteana, visionary speculation and romanticism.

The new view over Atlantis - John Michell

An updated version of the Michell classic

Glastonbury and Britain - a study in patterns - various authors

Glastonbury zodiac, sacred geometry and Glastonbury mythology An early collection of essays

Flying saucers and the straight line mystery - Aime Michel (1958)

A curiosity which sparked the link between UF0s and leys. Crazy idea now, but without it TLH may never have existed!

The earth spirit - its ways, shrines and mysteries - John Michell

All encompassing summary of the ideas behind numinosity of place and the enchantment of landscape. The first suggestion of leys as spirit paths.

Pagan Cornwall: land of the Goddess - Cheryl Straffon £8.50

This book discovers a continuity of Goddess-tradition in remote Cornwall from ancient times right up to the present day, using research, folklore and legend and rural tradition and custom. Fully illustrated, 120 pages.

Pi in the sky - Michael Poynder

This book delves into the mysteries of mathematics, physics, archaeology and cosmology to reveal the wealth of ancient wisdom once available to our distant Celtic ancestors. The evidence for this tradition can be seen today at numerous sites such as Newgrange and Carrowkeel and is also depicted in countless artefects such as the Tara Brooch and Derrynaflan Chalice. Over the last 2000 years we have lost our connectedness with nature and Pi in the sky provides a starting point for the growing number of people seeking to rediscover the ancient wisdom for the religious, humanist and sceptic alike. 206 pages, 170 colour plates, b/w photos, line drawings, maps, illustrations.

The keys to the temple - David Furlong

Circular alignments and pyramids in the English landscape. Old style earth mysteries for nostalgia freaks everywhere. Piatkus Books, 1997.