Earthmind - Paul Devereux

A massive think-piece on global consciousness (the earrth itself, that is) and its implications for human behaviour. Only ever published in the USA. Rare and interesting

The timeless way of building - Christopher Alexander

An almost Zen-like essay attempting to identify 'the quality that has no name' The elements that link human psychology and place. Virtually unknown outside the architectural world. A feng shui for Westerners without the superstition.

Shamanism and the Mystery lines: Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting & Out-Of-Body Travel - Paul Devereux

The new phase of ley research. The book that fully introduced the concept of leys as spirit paths and the idea that straight landscape lines might be the ancient symbolic representations of the out-of-body trance flights of shamans. Essential reading

Paperback, 240 pages,  Published by Llewellyn Publications, Publication date: April 1, 1993.

Where science and magic meet - Serena Roney-Dougal

A book dealing with the common ground that links developments in the new sciences with the ancient wisdom of various occult and spiritual traditions. Scientffic validation of psychic phenomena

Food of the gods - Terence McKenna

The book that provides the missing link to explain humankind's development and language, intelligence and culture. Was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge hallucinogenic?

The origins of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind - Julian Jaynes

Iconoclastic work on the origins of human consciousness. Essential reading for anyone studying archaic consciousness, its material remains and relationship with the natural environment

Shamanism - archaic techniques of ecstasy - Mercia Eliade

The definitive work on ancient shamanism

Rites of the gods - Aubrey Burl

Informed speculation on prehistoric ritual and religion in connection with ancient monuments in Europe

Where eagles fly - A shamanic way to personal fulfilment: Kenneth Meadows

Element Books, 1998,

Shamanic experience - A practical guide to shamanism for the new millennium: Kenneth Meadows

Element Books, Where Eagles Fly is another in a long line of self-improvement books, in which the New Age (and Element, come to that) excel. As with any novel 'religion' or 'lifeway', its proponents borrow, mix and match whatever elements seem appropriate from whatever culture or religion they chose, to weave themselves a new version of an old idea. Kenneth Meadows gives his selection here alongside some guided exercises, so the reader can test the techniques for his or herself.

Shamanic Experience is on its sixth reprint, which must say something about the popularity of modern Western "shamanism". This practical guide equips the potential spirit traveller with the necessary jargon, equipment and guidance for that big journey.

The gate of paradise - Secrets of Andean shamanism: Luis Espanoza Chamalú,

Trans. Hilary Dyke Gateway Books, 1998, p/b, A highly personalised worldview from a real shaman.

The long trip: A prehistory of psychedelia - Paul Devereux

A concise history of the use of hallucinogenic plants and preparations throughout the prehistoric world, its links with roack art and shamanic landscapes, earth effogies and archaic landscape lines.

Penguin Arkana, 1997,

Animals of the soul: Sacred animals of the Oglala Sioux - Joseph Epes Brown

An exploration of Native American beliefs and the interaction between the animal kingdom and man.

Element Books, 1998,


Tuva: Voices From The Center Of Asia - Various Artists

33 tracks, 41'50, featuring numerous performers recorded in Tuva by Ted Levin, Eduard Alexeev, Zoya Kirgiz. Khoomei, jew's harp, sigit, animal imitations. Excellent liner notes. Scholarly, musicological liner notes, texts in Tuvan available.

Audio CD,   Label: Smithsonian/Folkways, Released: June 22, 1990

These CDs feature Throat-Singing, a unique type of dual-voiced overtone singing, used in shamanic rituals in Tuva and elsewhere.

Tuva is the setting for the reemergence of ancient spiritual traditions after their near extinction under Soviet communist repression. From the capital of Kyzyl to isolated nomadic yurtas in remote alpine mountains, the Tuvan people are rediscovering their indigenous Shamanic and Buddhist rituals and healing arts. Friends of Tuva

Shu-De: Voices from the Distant Steppe. Realworld/WOMAD Productions (Real World Records Ltd)

16 tracks by the Tuvan ensemble Shu-De (M. Mongush, L. Oorzhak, N. Shoigu, B. Salchak, O. Kuular), including all varieties of khoomei, igil, doshpuluur, & limbi (flute) playing, plus a wide variety of styles from Buddhist Chant to Tuvan tonguetwisters to Western-style choral harmony. A shamanic ritual ends out the CD. A magnificent kargyraa cut by Leonid Oorzhak is a highlight. Eminently listenable. (Spring 1994).