Places of power - Paul Devereux

Devereux's attempt to get to grips with ten years of Dragon Project research on ancient sites and their elusive 'energies' Sensible and sober

The pattern of the past - Guy Underwood

The original book (written in the 1950s but not published until after the author's death, in 1969) that started the 'energy dowsing' craze of the 1970s. Not widely known now

Needles of stone - Tom Graves

Probably the book that turned on a million 'energy dowsers' Prompted by Underwood, Graves applied his priciples to leys, and unwittingly, set the subject back ten years overnight The effects can still be felt today

The secret language of stone - Don Robins

A theory linking stones and crystals with psychic phenomena by one of the directors of the Dragon Project

Ley lines - their nature and properties - J Havelock Fidler

Probably the best study of energy dowsing available. This was republished with additional information as Earth Energy

The essential TC Lethbridge - Tom Graves and Janet Hoult

A compendium of the work of former Cambridge archaeologist, dowser parapsychologist and discoverer of the Gogmagog hill figures

Earth lights - Paul Devereux with Paul McCartney

An explanation of the UFO phenomenon based on correlations of UFO sightings with megalithic sites and the effect of geophysical events on living systems

Earth Lights Revelation - Paul Devereux

This book reveals a remarkable energy on our planet, older than human existence and arising from processesses within the earth itself. This energy is the source of mysterious lights, UFO sightings, the explanation for the appearance of certain mysterious ghostly figures and even holds potential to change our ideas about human consciousness. Colour photos, 239 pages.

Spooklights - a British survey - David Clarke and Granville Oldroyd

Early work on exotic terrestrial fight phenomena with particular emphasis on the Burton Dassett flap of the 1920s


Marrying polar etheric influences in the landscape - Pat Toms, 2011

Experiencing associations with forms in the landscape, facilitates psychic happenings

Ancient stone rings, experienced etherically as path curves - Pat Toms, 2011

Geometry underlying stone circles of both circular and the non-circular forms

Beyond The Far Horizon: Why Earth Energy Dowsing Works: The Life and Work of Billy Gawn ~

Compiled and narrated by Nigel Twinn. Published by Penwith Press, Cornwall, 2012.

This is a serious, sensible, and no-nonsense work. As recommended by a member from Cambridge.